08 January 2010

Michael and I had a good laugh last night . . . the kids were playing which means it was plenty loud as we were trying to get them ready for bed. Michael asked Ashlyn, "Why is your voice always so high-pitched?" To which she replied, "Don't call me a pitch!"

06 January 2010

Cave of the Winds

12 November 09

Ashlyn's preschool took a field trip to Cave of the Winds. We had driven up there before, but had never actually paid money to check it out:)

We were lucky that Daddy was able to come with us too, and my friend watched the boys.

It was pretty hard to get good pictures in there because it was just too dark. There are some cool pics on their website though.
As much as I love spelunking, it was also kind of nice and convenient to just walk through the cave on these nice, maintained paths.

These shoes gave me the eeriest feeling walking by them in the big, dark cave. I seriously felt like some crazy murderer was going to back himself out of this hole and chase me down!
Michael finally let me have his camera for a minute:) Handsome, huh?
Some of Ashlyn's classmates and her teacher, Mrs. Campbell whom she loves.
Daddy and Ashlyn.

05 January 2010

20 November 09

These are just to show you my drooly mop headed baby. He has had 5 or 6 haircuts during this first 10 months of his life (I honestly have lost count). It was getting really bad right before thanksgiving (these pics really don't do it justice), but I wanted to wait to let Aunt Melissa cut it. (Please ignore the pink choking hazard in his mouth!)

I mention the drool only because that is all my family talked about when I was in AZ for Thanksgiving - that he is a moist baby!

31 October 2009

We took the easy/warm route this year for Halloween and paid a total of $.75 for these 3 costumes!

Dragon, skunk, and bunny

It fit Levi perfect - I am always thinking/saying that he is so stinking cute!

We did the trunk or treat at church, and our neighbor's joined us (Faith, Zack, and Bella).

Afterwards we went to a carnival at a nearby church and the kids had a ball - and it was warm!
Lincoln stocked up on plenty of his favorite treat - suckers . . .
And the next morning he just went for it! (I think he had 6 or 7)

11 October 2009

Father & Son's Campout


Lincoln and Michael went on the Father & Son's campout. Michael didn't have work or school that Friday so they actually went up a night early. A funny story that happened was that Lincoln picked up something (food maybe? I don't remember) Friday morning and Michael told him that it was yucky and to put it in the fire. Lincoln kept himself entertained by finding yucky stuff to put in the fire for quite some time. At one point Michael observed that the fire appeared to be dripping. He finally realized that Lincoln had taken their 2 dirty breakfast bowls (non-disposable) and thrown them in the fire!

Michael likes to do things the easy way - no tent setting up for him! They slept in the back of the car.

On Friday night Michael sent me this picture message on his phone telling me that he had cut the tip of his finger off.
To be quite honest, I didn't look at his finger or these pictures until now because it gives me the heeby-jeebies, but now that it is healing quite well it's not nearly as disturbing for me. But at the chance that it might gross some of you out, Michael insisted that I post these next few graphic pics:)

Random Pics

Ashlyn has been asking to take pics lately. Here's me dealing with the bills.

Here's Levi helping me with the bills:)
Ashlyn pulled out the camera at bedtime one night. I won't show you the pics she took of me, but here they are, all ready for bed:)

We had a lot of hail this summer, but still managed to get some edible tomatoes. They're not pretty, but they sure were tasty!

Michael's 32nd Birthday


Michael turned 32 on September 19th, and I threw him a small surprise party a few days early. (The Grover's were going out of town, so we had to do it before they left.) We had a few of Michael's favorite things - grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup, shrimp & cocktail sauce, and of course strawberry cheesecake. We love, love, love you Michael!